Welcome to the THzscience.nl website. This site describes mostly our work performed at the University of Technology Delft on terahertz (THz) science and technology. On these pages, you'll find pdf's of many scientific publications in peer-reviewed journals, but also some descriptions of the work that we do aimed at a more general audience.
The images above are THz images of a leaf. This is nothing new as one of the first THz images made at AT&T Bell labs was, in fact, of a leaf (B. B. Hu and M. C. Nuss, Opt. Lett. 20, 1716 (1995)). The left image shows the THz tranmission, indicated in false color, of a wet leaf. The second image is the phase image of the same leaf. The phase provides a measure for the time it takes for the THz light to travel through the leaf. The rectangular feature is the double-sticky tape used to stick the leaf to the polystyrene foam sample holder. This, incidentally show how the different properties of a material, such as absorption coefficient and refractive index, can all be measured and imaged using our THz imaging techniques. Each of these material properties gives a different contrast mechanism, so that in the case of the phase, which predominantly samples the THz optical refractive index, the rectangular patch shows up more clearly than in the absorption/scattering image. Finally, the image on the right is the THz transmission image of the same leaf, a few days later.
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